"Get Up"

And when the body finally starts to let go
Let it all go at once
Not piece by piece
But like a whole bucket of stars
Dumped into the universe
Ooh! Watch it go!
Good-bye small hands, good-bye small heart
Good-bye small head
My soul is climbing tree trunks
And swinging from every branch

They’re calling on me
They’re calling on me

Do you think I’m an animal?
Am I not?
Do you like fur
Do you wanna come over
Are we captive only for a short time
Is there splendor?  I’m not ashamed
Desire shoots through me
Like birds singing

They’re calling on me
They’re calling on me

I hit the mark!
I target moon, I target sky, I target sun
Fall down on the world before it falls on you

Like beggars, like stars
Like whores, us all
Like beggars, like dogs
Like stars, us all

Shoot straight for my heart

Like stars, so small
Like us, when we fall
Like beggars, like whores
Like lovers, get up!
Get up, too far

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František Foltýn, Atonality and its transmission, 1929, oil on canvas
"Above all do not lose your desire to walk. Everyday I walk myself into a state of well being and walk away from every illness. I have walked myself into my best thoughts and I know of no thought so burdensome that one cannot walk away from it. Thus if one keeps on walking everything will be all right."
Søren Kierkegaard (via stxxz)
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